Recognizing the fact that the actual size of a country is not expressed by square kilometers of area nor by the number of its inhabitants, the Montenegrin Olympic Committee, feeling honored and committed, joined the sports family of small states of Europe in 2009.
In the meantime, we learned why the Games of the Small States are so highly regarded in the International Olympic Committee - because they maintain the traditional Olympic values, nurture the original Olympic spirit, because they are a line of a harmonic union of the North and the South, of the West and the East of our Continent; all underneath the universal Olympic flag, along with a humane message.
The time has come to deepen our relationship and to welcome our sports friends in a "hidden place, between the mountains and the sea".
Beginning with its first edition in 1985, the Games of the Small States have visited vivid European regions. Thanks to San Marino, they climbed the Apennines; Liechtenstein introduced us to the Alps, Luxembourg with the Ardennes, and Andorra with the Pyrenees. Iceland brought us to the coast of the Atlantic, while Monaco, Cyprus and Malta enabled us to feel the magic of the Mediterranean. After almost three and a half decades, the Games will go to the Adriatic Sea in 2019, whose warmth and charm - followed by traditional Montenegrin hospitality - will be revealed to you.
Dušan Simonović
Predsjednik, COK-a