Thomas Bach: You can be proud, these Games show the power of sport

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Thomas Bach, visited today the Olympic village in the company of the first man of the Montenegrin Olympic Committee Mr. Dusan Simonovic and the Director of the Games of the Small States of Europe, Mr. Igor Vusurovic.

During a casual walk around the village, Bach talked with the athletes and representatives of GSSE participating states, visited the Olympic Park, a restaurant, and briefly stayed in the central tennis court where he watched the finale of the women singles between our Vladica Babić and Eleonora Molinaro from Luxembourg.

After that, he also watched a part of the volleyball match between the male teams of Montenegro and Monaco.

"The Montenegrin Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee have great cooperation, and Montenegrin Olympic Committee did a great job here. This competition speaks for itself, it means a lot to "raise" the nation and everyone can truly enjoy and be proud for it", said Mr. Bach.

IOC's President was delighted with the atmosphere in the Olympic Village.

"All this brings me back to the days when I was an athlete, the Olympic spirit truly lives in the village. Athletes from many countries are in one place, socializing, having fun, respecting each other - they all postulate the Olympics. The power of sport is best seen here and sends the most beautiful message to the world", concluded the first man of the International Olympic family.

Mr. Bach will attend the Closing Ceremony of the Games of the Small States of Europe tonight. The ceremony is scheduled for 9:30pm at the Olympic Park.