Logo and slogan for the Games of the Small States of Europe “Montenegro 2019”


In addition to organizing the departure of athletes to the Games of the Small States of Europe "San Marino 2017", for the past several months Montenegrin Olympic Committee has worked hard on a project which aims to present and promote the next edition of the Games, which will be held in Montenegro in 2019, to all of the participants in San Marino.

For the purpose of these Games, Montenegrin Olympic Committee has organized and implemented a public competition to create a logo of the Games of the Small States of Europe "Montenegro 2019". Chosen logo is a square base made up of 6 elements and 4 colours. The design utilises the colours found on the Montenegrin flag (red and gold), and is supplemented with two colours that make the Olympic rings, which enhances the symbolism and gives full meaning to the adopted resolution, as it directly refers to the sporting Olympics. The logo itself shows athletes in the heat of battle, in red and gold, but also has a base which is symbolic for the area and highlights what makes Montenegro specific – its mountains and sea.

The official slogan of the Games is "HOW BIG WE ARE!". Sport performances of Montenegrin athletes go way beyond its borders, and the slogan "HOW BIG WE ARE!", which will accompany the Games in 2019, is intended to demonstrate how the countries small in territory and/or population can be quite big in their skills and accomplishments, but also in strength, beauty and nature.

Montenegrin Olympic Committee is to be the organizer and holder of the project "Games of the Small States of Europe 2019". To successfully organize the Games, in accordance with the rules of the international Olympic family, the primary task of the MOC is to, by taking into account the needs and practices of organizing such a multi-sport Olympic competition, build partnerships with stakeholders through the establishment of the Organization, Executive and Technical Committees of the Games.

The Games will take place from 27 May to 1 June 2019, a date which has been aligned with the calendar of competitions of the International Olympic Committee and the European Olympic Committee. In addition to that, it was specifically contemplated that the term of the Games serves as an extension of the Montenegrin tourist season.

Montenegrin Olympic Committee will use its stay in San Marino to promote Montenegro as the host of the next GSSE. Up to this point, MOC has prepared the accompanying visuals, posters, set designs, advertising materials as well as the official web page, which will be used for the duration of the Games in 2019. The official address of the Games is Montenegro2019.ME. Part of the promotional material for GSSE Montenegro 2019 can also be seen below.