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NGO "Volunteers 2019" was founded in February 2018, with the aim to  promote volunteerism, especially sports volunteerism, first among young people, and then among whole of society. NGO works on the project of creating volunteers team  for needs of the Games of the Small States of Europe which will take place from 27.05. - 01.06.2019. in Montenegro, organized by the Montenegrin Olympic Committee.

In 5 towns in Montenegro - Budva, Podgorica, Bar, Cetinje and Tivat, beside Montenegrin sportsmen, athletes from Cyprus, Iceland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta and San Marino will compete  in 10 disciplines - athletics, bowling, volleyball , beach volleyball, basketball, swimming, judo, shooting, tennis and table tennis.

With a goal  to successfuly organize Games of the Small States of Europe in 2019, and to promote sport volunteerism in Montenegro, the organization will work actively   on promoting the Games and sport volunteerism, gathering volunteers forming volunteer team and training of volunteers for this event. All of this will be realized through a series of promotional and team building activities in which the volunteers will be able to socialize and meet  each other and their future debts.

Volunteerism is the value that must be encouraged in every society, because only active individuals, united for a common goal, have the power to initiate change. Society without volunteers is a society that is static, and doesn't follow positive global changes, because the enthusiasm of individuals is often a major driver of changes that lead to progress. There are plenty of examples tht prove this. Youth volunteer work is a big chance for our society, because when young people volunteer, they do it from the heart and the desire to change something, and when young people change something, they always improve something. The mission of the organization is to ensure that youth has the best possible conditions for the development of voluntary work in sport and enable young people to promote themselves  through sport on the foundation of real value.

 The door of our  Organization is open to any individual who wants to contribute with their commitment to organization of Games and to help us that everything goes as planned  and as well as to present our country as a good host . It is a volunteer who will be the first  competitors contact with our country , and each volunteer will have a nice task - to justify the reputation of Montenegro and Montenegrins as a good hosts. That actually all can  see  "HOW BIG ARE WE", which is the slogan of the Games.

Characteristics of volunteers:

Key characteristics of volunteers:

volunteerism – volunteer his/her activities  accomplished willingly

unpaid activity -  volunteers do not receive salary  for their work but crucial costs(food, accommodation, transport)  will be paid / provided

mutual benefit - a volunteer helps the organization of Games of the small states with his/her  work, and in return acquire new experience, knowledge and friendships.

Voluntary work in sport is defined as the performance of any activity related to sports, in addition to direct participation in sports competition, without financial compensation, except  covering the costs associated with particular business.

Age range. Volunteers must not be under 15 years old at the time of the Games. If a volunteer is older than 15 and younger than 18, written parental consent is required.

The volunteer is expected to be responsible, communicative,team player, motivated - has a desire to help in the organization of the Games, to know at least one foreign language - good knowledge of English, Italian and / or French.

Structure of volunteers

The total number of volunteers is 425, a structure of volunteers in teams is following:

  • 50 volunteers needed for protocol team (delivery medals, OC, CC) - This team is responsible for everything you need during the opening and closing Ceremony of the Games, as well as the presentation of medals during the Games themselves.
  • 20 volunteers needed for the main information center OC - Volunteers are responsible for providing accurate and timely information during the Games. Necessary characteristics of volunteers are: communication skills, responsibility, charisma.
  • 6 volunteers needed for the VIP Hotel info desk.
  • 20 volunteers for the team (press center and media hotel) - Members of the media team visiare responsible for writing and / or collection of interesting content during the Games, writing reports to match, updating online information.
  • 48 volunteers - Airports and village information desk - Volunteers are required to provide accurate and timely information about the Games. Desirable characteristics of volunteers in this position: communicative, sociable, charismatic, responsible.
  • 80 volunteers -info-desks by sport - Volunteers who are responsible for the information desk should inform all visitors who are interested about the Games, the competition schedule, as well as any amendments.
  • 20 volunteers - accreditation team
  • 9 volunteers - President / Secretary General
  • 27 volunteers - Head of Mission
  • 145 volunteers needed for the sports team – Tasks of the sports team is to enable the normal functioning of the tournament. In this team, volunteers are responsible for the reception of teams, keeping sports equipment, provision of water  for teams, helping maintain the field (if required by sport), passing the ball.